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SS 5000

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The SS 5000 has 5 small electrodes plates which reduces the energy consumption due to solid platinum coated titanium plates. Consequently, our health depends heavily on how well the water we drink carries out its function in our body until it is released from the body. Good water literally changes our physical constitution. The water in our body fluids transports nutrients, transmits information and moves our muscles. Water may be the single most important element of our health. Therefore, drinking good, healthy water will have a tremendous impact on each body cell. Active Oxygen that is produced in the body damages our genes and cells which causes aging and various diseases. However, drinking Mineral Alkaline Water that is rich in active hydrogen will neutralize the active oxygen in our body and turn it into safe and harmless water to be expelled.

Specifications for this item

  • Installation Counter Top /Wall Mounted
    Number of Plates 5 Plates
    Plate Construction Platinum Coated Titanium Plates
    Plate Surface Area 0.5*100*42 mm
    Plate Size 90*90 mml
    Wattage 85
    Water Flow per Hour 40 Liter
    Alkaline pH Level 7.5/8.5/9.5
    Acidic pH Level 5.5/6/6.5
    pH Level 4 Alkaline 1 Neutral & 1 Acidic
    -ORP Range (-200 mv to -300 mv) Depends Upon Input Source
    Measurement 270*168*118 mm
    Weight 4 kg
    LCD Yes, Size: 1”
    Control Panel 2 Point Touch Button
    FDA Approved Plastic Cabinet Yes
    CE/ FCC Certified Yes