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SS 2000

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THE SS 2000 has 2 Small electrodes plates which reduces the energy consumption due to solid platinum coated titanium plates. People wonder what exactly is alkaline water and what are its health benefits. There are many different ways to make alkaline drinking water, but only alkaline ionized water made by electrolysis has been researched and found to have antioxidant properties due to its negative Oxidation Reduction Potential and slightly higher ph. This water is called Electrolyzed Reduced Water by the scientific community and it is only made by the water electrolysis process which occurs inside water ionizers. By simply drinking the recommended 8 glasses per day of ionized alkalized electrolyzed water you too will discover the health benefits already experienced by hundreds of millions of people living worldwide.

Specifications for this item

  • Installation Counter Top /Wall Mounted
    Number of Plates 2 Plates
    Plate Construction Platinum Coated Titanium Plates
    Plate Surface Area 0.5*100*42 mm
    Plate Size 90*90 mm
    Wattage 78
    Water Flow per Hour 20 Liter
    Alkaline pH Level 7.5/8.5/9.5
    Acidic pH Level 5.5/6/6.5
    pH Level 4 Alkaline 1 Neutral & 1 Acidic
    -ORP Range (-200 mv to -300 mv) Depends Upon Input Source.
    Measurement 270*168*118 mm
    Weight 3.5 kg
    LCD Yes, Size: 1”
    Control Panel 2 Point Touch Button
    FDA Approved Plastic Cabinet Yes
    CE/ FCC Certified Yes