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Ravi Sharma

Posted on August 21, 2020

999 WATER IONIZER SUPER-HYDRATES THE physical structure of your body Unlike single molecules water molecules are available in clusters type. Water stressed has terribly giant clusters of 12-14 molecules. The ionization method breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules and restructures the water all the way down to regarding 5-6 molecules per cluster. This smaller cluster size means the water is additional simply absorbed into the cells, thereby providing superior association for the body and serving to dissolve and flush out acidic solid waste and toxins that have accumulated within the body.


  1. Since physical structure contains of hour water, the brain and heart stores seventy three water, and also the lungs are regarding eighty three water. The skin contains sixty fourth water, muscles and kidneys are manufactured from seventy nine Water, and even the bones contains thirty first water, the standard and amount of water we have a tendency to consume can have a awfully dramatic impact on our overall health. Each healing and life giving method that happens in our body happens through water!
  2. Yet many folks don't keep themselves hydrous enough, or prefer to drink occasional, tea, fruit juices, soft drinks, power drinks, and alcohol rather than water. the actual fact is that these beverages contain acidic substances that scale back our ability to soak up and retain water. within the case of alcohol and caffeinated drinks, these actively stimulate the kidneys to supply additional water, inflicting additional water-loss.